Talent Recruitment

Talent Recruitment

Permanent contingency and retained base

  • Executive search for the managerial level of candidates
  • Permanent search for junior to middle level of candidates
  • Temporary / part time search

Our role in Talent Recruitment is to capitalize on the abundant skilled workforce in these propitious areas on behalf of our clients.

Our Mission

The Search process of Connexions is to ensure that ethics, discretion, and honesty whilst maintaining a high level of integrity are practiced. We strive to address issues such as turnaround, exploration of strategic developments, and growth for our clients by identifying market leaders.

  • Each of our engagement is conducted by individuals that are experienced in the specialized industries that are related to their clients.
  • Candidates will be contacted and screened through various resources and market knowledge discreetly.  These resources will enable us to confidently identify well qualified candidates.
  • We take a proactive approach in reaching out to the “Right” candidates whose are performing well in their current position of employment.  Our objective is to present the “best suited” individual the market has to offer to our clients.
  • We will assess their past experiences, strengths, areas of improvement, management styles and career goals.  Qualified candidates will be thoroughly interviewed to ensure that responsibilities, skill sets, motivation, growth potential as well as a realistic understanding of their accomplishments are obtained